Website Issues

We require visitors on our site to enable cookies and Javascript on their Web Browsers. Both of these are usually on by default on a default browser installation, but if for some reason you cannot access the site, we ask that you check your browser settings and enable these. Note that we do not use either of these technologies to track your browsing habits outside our website, we respect your privacy (see our official policy).

Please consult the documentation of your individual browser to figure out how to turn on/off cookies and Javascript support.

If you have already created an account and cannot login to the website with your username and password, please make sure that (1) Your "Caps Lock" key that sets capital letters on your keyboard is not set, and (2) that you're entering your full email address as your login name; this email address must be the one you used to create your account for the very first time.

If you still cannot login, you may request a new password which will be emailed to your registered email account. To request a new password click on "Login" and then on "Request a New Password". We suggest that as soon as you login with the password emailed to you that you go to "My Account" and change your password to something you can remember.