Warranty & Repairs

PEmicro tests all hardware that is shipped to end users and distributors. However, occasionally a user may receive a piece of hardware that is not working right out of the box. This may be due to damage during shipping or storage. In this instance, the customer should contact PEmicro and request a replacement within 30 days after purchasing the product. PEmicro will issue a no-cost exchange for a new item which is determined to be not working when it is shipped from PEmicro. PEmicro's warranty does not cover damage incurred through use or misuse of the customer.

For hardware which has been damaged through use or misuse, PEmicro may repair damaged units for a repair fee. Any and all returns must be previously authorized and include a clearly marked RMA number, which is obtainable through the PEmicro support system.

If you have purchased a product from PEmicro and it is in need of repair please call us and speak with a technical support representative. Once the technical support representative establishes that a repair is necessary he/she will assign your repair a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and in most cases will be able to estimate the cost of the repair.

If the technical support representative believes that the repair is necessary because of a manufacturing defect, PEmicro will replace or repair without charge to the customer. If the repair is necessary due to use or misuse of the product, the client is responsible for covering all costs associated with the repair. In some cases, when the product has expensive parts in need of repair, PEmicro may suggest replacing the old product for a new product at a discounted price.