Payment Information

To view the payment information for your order or proforma:

  1. Log on to your account at
  2. From the My Account link on top choose My Orders & Proformas.
  3. Select the View Details option for your order and scroll down to see your payment information.

Please note that orders paid via International EFT will have a "Bank Processing Fee" added to their total. This represents the fee from the bank that processes the EFT transaction and is not a separate PEmicro transaction fee.

Note: If there is a bank fee associated with your proforma, the bank fee will not appear on the final invoice. The final invoice contains only charges for products and shipping/handling.

Orders paid via Paypal will also have a Paypal fee added to their total: 3% for domestic orders and 5% for international orders. PEmicro's PayPal address for payment will appear under View Details.