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Type Name / Size / Description
Software Update Cyclone LC and Cyclone FX Programmer Installation Software  (190485 KB)
Covers the Cyclone LC Universal, Cyclone FX Universal, Cyclone LC ARM, and Cyclone FX ARM. Software to create programming images, configure Cyclone programmers, and control them in an automated fashion. Also includes documentation, drivers, and an extensive library of programming algorithms.
Software Update PEmicro Hardware Interface Drivers, v.12 (Win XP/Vista/7/8/10)  (2883 KB)
Version 12.7 Adds support for 64 bit PEmicro applications. Also it includes the atom fix which affects very select users. Installs PEmicro drivers to allow applications to communicate with PEmicro hardware. Please note that not all hardware may be supported for your OS. This does not include the application level support which comes with the different products. Administrator privilege is now required. Released 11/30/2017.
Utility Log2phy_12  (1099 KB)
Utility which converts HC(S)12(X) Logical Records to Physical S-Records.
Now supports S12X devices EEPROM. Updated 11/13/2019.
Utility SERIALIZE Legacy - Use an Automated Serial Number  (262 KB)
Allows the generation of a .SER serial number description file. This graphical utility sets up a serial number which will count according to the bounds set by the user. The .SER file can be called by the PROG flash programmer to program a serial number into the target, or loaded into the cyclone standalone image.
Utility Unsecure_12  (5699 KB)
Utility which unsecures HC(S)12(X) devices via PEmicro's BDM Interfaces such as Cyclone-PRO, USB-ML-12, and BDM-Multilink. All information on the device will be erased. This version supports the Rev B and Rev C Multilink. It can now unsecure the XExxx and Pxxx.
Manual / Documentation Cyclone Programmer "Getting Started" Guide  (829 KB)
A brief guide to get the user up and running with a simple Cyclone programming example.
Manual / Documentation Fact Sheet for Cyclone FX programmers  (545 KB)
Fact sheet with Cyclone FX overview and feature highlights.
Manual / Documentation Fact Sheet for Cyclone LC programmers  (585 KB)
Fact Sheet for Cyclone LC programmers
Manual / Documentation Transitioning from the Cyclone PRO/MAX to Cyclone LC/Cyclone FX  (172 KB)
Document provides information to help users transition from the Cyclone PRO & MAX, which have been discontinued, to the Cyclone LC & Cyclone FX.
Manual / Documentation User Guide: PEmicro Serial SPI Memory Programming, ARM devices  (835 KB)
User Guide: PEmicro Serial SPI Memory Programming for ARM devices (.pdf)
Manual / Documentation User Manual for Cyclone FX Programmers  (8353 KB)
Covers Cyclone FX ARM and Cyclone FX Universal
Manual / Documentation User Manual for Cyclone LC Programmers  (7287 KB)
Covers Cyclone LC ARM and Cyclone LC Universal

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