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PEmicro's Software & Packages

PEmicro offers a variety of software that works seamlessly with our hardware interfaces, such as our Multilink debug probes or Cyclone production programmers. This page provides an overview of the categories of software that PEmicro offers. To search by part number, or broadly by architecture, please use our Product Search page. For an extensive list of supported vendors/devices, see our manufacturers page.

Programming Software

PROG programming software allows you to program/reprogram external flash devices in-circuit, via one of PEmicro's compatible hardware debug interfaces. PEmicro offers several versions of PROG software, each designed for an individual architecture.



PEmicro's Cyclone Control Suite allows users to control and automate the production programming process, and is included with PEmicro's Cyclone LC and Cyclone FX programmers.

Users can add/remove/update programming images, select and launch images, use serial numbers, receive results & detailed error info, and more.

The Cyclone Control Suite consists of 3 components, each of which offers a different approach:

  • Cyclone Control GUI, for direct interaction
  • Cyclone Control Console, for scripted interaction
  • Cyclone Control SDK, for custom interaction via a .DLL

Cyclone FX users can take advantage of advanced features, such as gang programming, dynamic data, remote screen access, and more. CYCLONE LC users can purchase a separate advanced feature license to access these features.

Quick Downloads

View the Cyclone LC User Manual and Cyclone FX User Manual for detailed info about the Cyclone Control Suite.

GDB Server

PEmicro's GDB Server Plug-In for Eclipse-based ARM� IDEs will allow you to debug supported ARM Cortex-M processor targets using GNU GDB debugger tools alongside PEmicro�s hardware interfaces. PEmicro's compatible interfaces include:

Quick Downloads

Download PEmicro's no-cost GDB Server Plug-In for Eclipse-based ARM IDEs.

In-Circuit Debug Software

The ICD debugger software is an all-in-one development interface which allows a PC access to the debug mode. PEmicro offers several versions of ICD software, each designed for an individual architecture.


Interface Library Routines

The UNIT interface library routines allow creation of custom software, such as testers, using PEmicro's hardware interfaces, such as Multilinks or Cyclones. PEmicro offers several versions of UNIT software, each designed for an individual architecture.:


Software Packages

PEmicro offers many software packages which bundle various software tools for a specific architecture.


Third Party IDEs

PEmicro hardware is integrated with or compatible with many third-party IDEs, including NXP's MCUXpresso and CodeWarrior. Users can consult the page Third Party IDEs for PEmicro Cyclones & Multilinks which lists compatilbe IDEs, installation guides, and other support material.


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