CASM Command-Line Assembler

Command-Line Assembler

Product Details

PEmicro's CASM software is now free to download from our Docs and Downloads page.

CASM is PEmicro's command-line assembler for individual NXP processor families.

Assembler features include:

  • Macro support
  • S19 objects
  • Conditional assembly
  • Include files
  • Full listing control with cycle counter

System Requirements

Windows 7/8/10
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Documentation / Manuals
No Documentation available
CASM08Z  (5009 KB)
68HC08 Command-Line Assembler Installation
CASMRS08  (4835 KB)
68RS08 Command-Line Assembler
Power Architecture 5xx/8xx Command-Line Assembler Installation
CASMHCS08 PRO  (1074 KB)
Command-Line Assembler (PRO Version) for HCS08 Devices Installation
CASMHCS08  (4789 KB)
68HCS08 Command-Line Assembler Installation
CASMCFZ  (4692 KB)
ColdFire Command-Line Assembler Installation
CASM32Z  (4687 KB)
CPU3xx Command-Line Assembler Installation
CASM16Z  (4716 KB)
68HC16 Command-Line Assembler Installation
CASM12Z  (4807 KB)
68HC(S)12 Command-Line Assembler Installation
CASM11Z  (4802 KB)
68HC11 Command Line Assembler Installation
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