USB BDM Multilink Cable (Discontinued)

USB BDM Interface cable for the 68HC(S)12(X) and 68HCS08 and 68RS08 and ColdFire V1

Product Details

 The USB-ML-12 (USB BDM Multilink) has been replaced with the Multilink Universal interface. Most software products will support the Multilink Universal transparently. 

Please visit the Legacy Hardware Transition Support Page for more information.

Older software may need to be patched so that it will natively work with the latest Cyclones and Universal Multilinks. See FAQ #211.

 Other compatible interfaces include the high-speed Multilink Universal FX, Cyclone LC programmer, and Cyclone FX programmer

Multilink Trade-In Program

PEmicro offers a trade-in program for older Multilinks. If you have a USB BDM Multilink Cable, you can trade it in for a discount towards our Multilink Universal or Multilink Universal FX. Please visit our Multilink Trade-In Program page for more information.

System Requirements

Product Comparison

Product Number USB-ML-12 Cyclone Pro
Supports NXP HCS08 Yes Yes
Supports NXP HC(S)12(X) Yes Yes
Supports NXP HC08 No Yes
Supports NXP RS08 Yes Yes
Programming Software Included No Yes
Automated Control Software No Yes
Supports Trimming of target OSC Yes Yes
MCU voltage range 1.8v - 5.25v 1.8v - 5.25v
MCU bus frequency range 16Khz - 50Mhz 16Khz - 50Mhz
USB interface Yes Yes
Serial Interface No Yes
Ethernet Interface No Yes
Auto-detects target frequency Yes Yes
Auto-adjusts to target voltage Yes Yes
LCD display No Yes
Transient supression Yes Yes
I/O lines clamping protection No Yes
Power rail clamping protection No Yes
Detects target power state Yes Yes
Displays target voltage No Yes
Can provide power to target No Yes
Can switch target power (via relays) No Yes
High-speed communications Yes Yes
Stand-alone programming (PC/No PC) No Yes
Stores multiple programming images No Yes
Designed for parallel operation (GANG) No Yes
Expansion Port No Yes
Serial/UDP protocol available No Yes
Generates RS08 programming voltage Yes Yes
RoHS compliant Yes Yes
Output clock to target No Yes, HC08

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Documentation / Manuals
No Documentation available
PEmicro Hardware Interface Drivers, v.12 (7/8/10/11)  (2889 KB)
Version 12.7 Adds support for 64 bit PEmicro applications. Also it includes the atom fix which affects very select users. Installs PEmicro drivers to allow applications to communicate with PEmicro hardware. Please note that not all hardware may be supported for your OS. This does not include the application level support which comes with the different products. Administrator privilege is now required. Released 11/30/2017.
My Legacy Codewarrior, my Eclipse Codewarrior 10.2 or higher, or my other 3rd party software with PEmicro support will not detect my PEmicro hardware tool or fails to connect to the target board. What can I do to fix this?
The connection assistant dialog indicates that my Multilink or Cyclone is undetected even though I have connected the hardware to my USB port. What should I do?

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