Multilink Trade-In Program

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Note: Demand has been outpacing supply, so PEmicro strongly recommends placing an order for out-of-stock items in order to reserve a place in queue.

PEmicro's Multilink Trade-in Program provides the ability to exchange older Multilink products, in any condition, for a discount on one of our latest generation development debugger: Multilink or Multilink FX.

Gain value for an existing Multilink:

Have an older Multilink which doesn't support your latest device or isn't in good condition? Trade it in for a discount.

Access the latest Features and Technology:

The latest Multilink and Multilink FX debuggers include many new features and capabilities on top of what is provided by the older Multilinks and  Multilinks FX. Take advantage of these new features by trading your Multilink in.

Upgrade to the Multilink FX:

Take advantage of our Multilink Trade-in program and upgrade your latest generation Multlilink to the Multilink FX at a discounted price.

Trading InTrading ForPart numberDiscount
Legacy Multilink
ML-CFE, ML-16/32*( for MLUFX only)
Multilink UniversalTRADEIN-MLL-MLU$74 off
Multilink Universal FXTRADEIN-MLL-MLUFX$134 off
Multilink UniversalMultilink UniversalTRADEIN-MLU-MLU$100 off
Multilink Universal FXTRADEIN-MLU-MLUFX$174 off
Multilink Universal FXMultilink Universal FXTRADEIN-MLUFX-MLUFX$200 off
Multilink MON08
Cyclone Universal
$250 off

How it works

The Trade-in Program is done in three easy steps!

System Requirements

Eligible Products for Trade-In
  • USB-ML-Legacy (Any Revision of USB-ML-12, USB-ML-PPCBDM, USB-ML-PPCNEXUS, USB-ML-CFE, USB-ML-16/32*)
  • USB-ML-Universal (Any Revision)
  • USB-ML-Universal-FX (Any Revision)
  • USB-ML-MON08 (Any Revision)

*Can only be Traded in for Multilink Universal FX

  • New unit must be an equal or higher model than the Trade-in unit
  • To take advantage of this program the unit must first be approved by PEmicro for return via RMA
  • Trade-in unit must be received before order is processed
  • Trade-in unit may be in working or non-working condition.
  • Trade-in unit may be any version or age.
  • Trade-in is one-to-one (one programmer for another, cannot combine multiple units)
  • Only valid for full price programmers - not valid towards volume discounts.
  • PEmicro is not responsible for shipping, duties, taxes, or related fees.
  • Customers are responsible for shipping cost both ways. For your protection, we suggest all shipments to be sent through a traceable carrier
  • PEmicro reserves the right to alter or terminate this policy at any time without notice.
  • The order will not be processed until all trade-in are received.

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Documentation / Manuals
Multilink ACP Technical Summary  (341 KB)
Technical Summary for USB Multilink ACP, Rev. B, v.1.04e.
Multilink Universal/Universal FX Technical Summary  (550 KB)
Usage and other instructions for USB Multilink Universal & USB Multilink Universal FX. Document version 2.00b.
Multilink FX Fact Sheet  (972 KB)
Fact sheet with brief description of Multilink FX usage and features.
Multilink Fact Sheet  (1016 KB)
Fact sheet offering summary of usage and features for Multilink Universal and Multilink-ACP.
USB Multilink Resources Install  (19492 KB)
Resource package for USB Multilink ACP, Embedded Multilink ACP, USB Multilink Universal (all revisions), and USB Multilink Universal FX (all revisions).

Install this if you are running older software or 3rd party software. Contains PEFirmwareConfig.exe utility, technical summaries, up-to-date firmware, and other resources.

No FAQs available
Version Info & Release Notes>
Rev D - 11.09
Rev D - 11.09
Rev D - 11.09
Rev D - 11.09
Rev D - 11.09
Rev D - 11.09
Rev B - 11.09

Pricing Details

Limited availability TRADEIN-MLMON08-CU
  Trade-in Part
Cyclone LC Universal (Trade-in ML-MON08) $749.00
Qty. Price
1 US$749.00
2 to 4 US$749.00
5 to 9 US$749.00
10 to 24 US$749.00
25+ Contact us
Configure & buy
  Trade-in Part
USB-ML-UNIVERSAL-FX (Trade-in 12, PPCBDM, PPCNEXUS, CFE, 16/32) $465.00
Qty. Price
1 US$465.00
2 to 4 US$465.00
5 to 9 US$465.00
10 to 24 US$465.00
25+ Contact us
Configure & buy
  Trade-in Part
Qty. Price
1 US$425.00
2 to 4 US$425.00
5 to 9 US$425.00
10 to 24 US$425.00
25+ Contact us
Configure & buy
  Trade-in Part
USB-ML-UNIVERSAL-FX (Trade-in USB-ML-UNIVERSAL-FX Replacement) $399.00
Qty. Price
1 US$399.00
2 to 4 US$399.00
5 to 9 US$399.00
10 to 24 US$399.00
25+ Contact us
Configure & buy
Limited availability TRADEIN-MLL-MLU
  Trade-in Part
Qty. Price
1 US$225.00
2 to 4 US$225.00
5 to 9 US$225.00
10 to 24 US$225.00
25+ Contact us
Configure & buy
Limited availability TRADEIN-MLU-MLU
  Trade-in Part
USB-ML-UNIVERSAL (Trade-in USB-ML-UNIVERSAL - Replacement) $199.00
Qty. Price
1 US$199.00
2 to 4 US$199.00
5 to 9 US$199.00
10 to 24 US$199.00
25+ Contact us
Configure & buy
What's Included

The trade-in products are full Multilink and Multilink FX kits and come with all the hardware and software that the standard products do.  Please refer to the Multilink and Multilink FX pages and scroll down to see Accompanying Software and Utilities and Included hardware

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