Cyclone LC SDHC Port Activation License

SDHC port activation for external storage on Cyclone LC Programmer

NOTE: This is a legacy product. The latest builds of Cyclone LC have an SD Card slot in the case but NO INTERNAL HARDWARE for this card. Cyclone LC users who wish to purchase this SDHC port activation license should be sure that their Cyclone meets these reuqirements:

Cyclone LC Universal: Rev. B, Date code 0620 or earlier
Cyclone LC ARM: Rev. D, Date code 0620 or earlier

The date code is located on the bottom right of the Cyclone's rear label.

Cyclone Date Code, Rear Label

This license is installed onto a PEmicro's Cyclone LC programmer to activate the SDHC Port. Once this license is installed, SDHC Port functionality is identical to that of Cyclone FX programmers.  

Note: Cyclone FX users already have access to the SDHC Port, so this license is not necessary for those programmers.

Memory expansion via the SDHC port can help with storage of larger programming images, general organization of images, speed of swapping images. And overall storage capacity becomes nearly limitless

Programming images that are stored on installed SDHC cards will register on the Cyclone display and in software as External (EX). 

Note: This product includes the license only and does not contain an SDHC card. SDHC cards that are certified to work with PEmicro Cyclones are available separately. PEmicro Cyclones support a minimum of 4GB SDHC card. 

System Requirements

Installs on Cyclone LC programmers: Part# Cyclone LC Universal: Rev. B Paert# Cyclone LC ARM: Rev. D Date Code 0620 or earlier

Cyclone License Activation Guide

Instructions for installing this license are found in the Cyclone License Activation Guide

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