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OpenSDA Frequently Asked Questions

Click on issues below to display the answers to common OpenSDA questions.

Issue: FRDM boards from the factory may come with an outdated bootloader and/or firmware. How do I update the FRDM board?

Solution: Erich Styger has writen a very helpful guide which walks the user through the update process.

Issue: Bootloader versions 1.10 and earlier are not allowing firmware update and MSD FLASH programming on my OpenSDA board, with the Linux, MacOS or Windows 8/8.1 operating systems.

Solution: Support for Windows 8/8.1, MacOS and Linux operating systems was added to Bootloader version 1.11 and MSD firmware version 1.14. Please make sure that your board is programmed with Bootloader version 1.11 or higher prior to attempting to update your OpenSDA board with a new firmware application.

Important: If you are currently running Bootloader version 1.10 or earlier, you will need to find a Windows XP or Windows 7 PC to perform this update.

Please follow these steps to find out what version of Bootloader your board is programmed with:
  1. Start your board in Bootloader mode by holding down the RESET button prior to plugging it into USB port.
  2. Open the SDA_INFO.HTM file, which will contain version numbers of Bootloader as well name and version of current OpenSDA firmware you are using. If your board is not running Bootloader version 1.11 or higher, please download the latest OpenSDA Firmware Apps from P&E website and follow instructions in corresponding documentation to update the Bootloader using the BOOTUPDATEAPP_Pemicro_v111.SDA application. Once the Bootloader is updated via BOOTUPDATEAPP, the OpenSDA board can then be upgraded to the latest combined MSD/DEBUG OpenSDA firmware 1.14 or greater.

Issue: Is there a way to use the OpenSDA board to debug and program a target device as a Mass Storage Device without switching between MSD and DEBUG OpenSDA applications?

Solution: Starting from firmware version 1.14, P&E combined MSD and DEBUG functionality into a single board dedicated firmware application. If you are not using OpenSDA application version 1.14 or higher, please download the latest OpenSDA firmware from the P&E website and update your board with the latest firmware corresponding to your OpenSDA board.

Important: All P&E OpenSDA Mass Storage Device firmware v1.14 or higher also includes support for Windows 8/8.1, MacOS, and Linux operating systems.

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