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August 2005

By Dr. David Perreault

Did you know that you can improve tracking of your products by placing serial numbers in flash during programming using PEmicro's FLASH/EEPROM programming products? There are commands in both the GUI (PROGxxZ) and command line (CPROGxxZ) versions of PEmicro's programming software for selecting a particular serial number file and for programming the next serial number. The serial number is incremented by one after it is programmed into your device. Complex serial numbers with up to 16 bytes are supported. Each byte of a serial number can be restricted to a range of values. This allows you to create such things as printable, numeric, upper case alphabetic, lower case alphabetic, and constant characters in your serial number. For example, you could create the following serial number:  


Where the green characters AAA are upper case alphabetic, the blue characters -P&E- are constants, and the red characters 9999 are numeric. Programming this serial number into your target would then increment the number to:  


PEmicro provides a graphical utility for creating, updating, and testing serial number files. You can download this utility by clicking Serialize. After downloading, you can try creating and playing with your own form of serial number.



Serialize Utility
Graphical utility for creating and
updating serial number files

Flash Programming Software
Application which programs the serial
number data and static application
data to flash

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