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The ICS08Z In-Circuit Simulator is a tool which will allow you to simulate a specific set of Freescale M68ICS08 Kit devices. For example, the ICS08GPZ will simulate the M68HC908GP20 and GP32. All instructions, interrupts, and peripherals are simulated. When run with the accompanying development board, the simulator I/O occurs through the board itself. Any inputs to the MCU are read from the board, and any simulator outputs are driven on the MCU headers of the target board.

For instance, if your code turns the A/D converter on, and reads one of the channels, the voltage which shows up in the simulator will be what is on the actual input pin. Note that your code is never run on the device itself, only inputs and outputs from the real world come through the board.

One thing you will note is that simulation occurs much more slowly than on the real part. However, the SCI and SPI signals will operate based on the 4.9152MHz oscillator on the board. The main advantage of the simulator is that you can test out code algorithms, and closely monitor (cycle by cycle) the operation of your code and the peripherals. To run your code in real-time, use P&E's ICD08SZ In-Circuit Debugger.

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