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Production Programming & Test
Production Programming - Manual Control
For manual production lines where an operator is initiating the programming of the target, the Cyclone is an extremely simple tool to use. Programming is as simple as pushing a single button on the unit.

Once you push the button, programming launches and the on-board LCD displays the current state of the programming process. The final result is displayed on the LCD as well as on highly visible LEDs which clearly indicate the programming result (GREEN for good, RED for ERROR).

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Production Programming - Automated Control
For automated production lines where a host computer is used to control one or many programming stations, PEmicro provides the Cyclone Stand Alone Programmer and the Cyclone Automated Control SDK. The Cyclone is a fully self contained programmer which physically connects to the target and programs the target with one of it’s on board programming images. The SDK allows a host computer to control the programming process, recover result and status information, provide dynamic data to be added to the programming image, and to change/verify the images in the Cyclone programmer. This allows fully automated and simultaneous programming of different devices via multiple Cyclones with the same or different programming images.

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Custom In-Circuit Test Applications
PEmicro's UNIT library software development kit allows the user to create a Windows application which can fully control the execution of an embedded processor via one of PEmicro's hardware interfaces. The application can peek and poke memory, peripherals, and other resources of the embedded processor through the debug mode. Applications can use this capability to perform tests of the target hardware, calculate target calibration data, or simply be a way to develop a totally custom application which controls the target via debug mode. The advantage of using debug mode is that the processor doesn’t need to be running application code or even to be programmed for the PC application to fully exercise the processor’s capabilities.

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