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Development and Debug

Development & Debug - C-Level Development

Users developing in C may require anything from debugger software and a hardware interface to a full development suite, depending on the user's architecture and whether they require a compiler .

Complete Development Packages

For users looking for a complete C-development solution, including compiler, PEmicro offers C-level development packages for high-level devices such as the ColdFire V1/2/3/4 or Power Architecture Nexus (55xx). These packages include a debugger and harware interface, as well as the GNU C compiler, programmer, and editing environment. The compiler includes start up guides, a user manual, and other documentation to help you quickly get your project underway.

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Debugger Software and Hardware Interface

For those who already have a compiler or who are developing in C with architectures other than ColdFire or Power Architecture Nexus, PEmicro's debugger software and hardware interfaces offer full C-level support. Hardware interfaces are available for both cost-sensitive projects and those that need increased flexibility or the ability to transition seamlessly to production.

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