Trying to flash binary to S32K344 using PE Micro MULTILINK UNIVERSAL FX

By Sathishkumar k. : Jun 1, 2023 at 08:26 AM (08:26 hours)
Staff: Takao Y. : 2 comments

Hi Team,

I'm using S32K344 platform for my development work.

The device which is using of debug is MULTILINK UNIVERSAL FX, I can able to connect and read the flash memory using UNITACMP-64.dll file with SupportFiles_ARM packages.

The problem which i'm facing is flashing the binary to device, I'm using "load_bin_file" API to load binary file, it didn't through any error but i'm not able to see the latest binary running on it (I'm confirming it through the LED indication which i wrote inside the code).

I'm i missing something here?

Sathishkumar K


UNIT libraries are not going to flash program your object file. The load_bin_file command is to load into RAM memory if you are are loading a RAM project or about to run a test/calibration.

If you need to flash program, you will need PROG-HL-ARM software which can be purchased here: