CasmHelp is not viewable on Windows 7

By Paul M. : May 15, 2023 at 07:02 PM (19:02 hours)
Staff: Keith M. : 1 comment

I need to read the Casm08.hlp file but I just get a message that this file is not viewable on Windows 7.

I just read a post about someone complaining that they couldn't read a *.hlp file on Windows 7. I followed the link to the Microsoft website and it said that WinHlp32.exe is provided with the operating system. When I try to view the document explicitly using this file I get the same message. Apparently it is WinHlp32.exe that is popping up and telling me that it is not able to view this file. Reading more on the Microsoft website it says:

"Microsoft strongly recommends that software developers discontinue using the Windows Help application. Software developers who ship programs that rely on .hlp files are encouraged to transition their Help experience to an alternative Help file format, such as CHM, HTML, or XML. For more information see the MSDN article Which Version of Help do I Need? While Microsoft develops future Help technologies, we encourage Help authors to continue using HTML Help 1.4. HTML Help 1.4 is included in Windows versions starting with Windows 7."

So have you converted Casm08.hlp to HTML or PDF?