Runtime Error 216 at 0348A5D6

By vish r. : May 8, 2023 at 07:28 AM (07:28 hours)
Staff: Takao Y. : 7 comments


I'm using S32 Design Studio with the PE Micro USB Universal
During the flash programming I am getting this Runtime Error 216 at 0348A5D6

Any idea on this?


That is a Microsoft Windows error. May have to do with permissions. You may want to look online for this error 216 and see if you can figure out something on your computer that is having issues executing or finding a program.


I don't think its regarding Windows
Actually I am getting this runtime error while debugging in S32 Design Studio, I have 2 NXP boards on 1st board its working properly but only on 2nd board I am getting that Runtime Error 216 at 0348A5D6 while debugging

see the snap here :


You may have hit an exception that could not be handled by our GDB server. Essentially GDB server DLL and executable crashed. And Microsoft just happens to be the one reporting the problem. It is not explicitly an error that we generate with that message.

Are you able to flash program and start the debug session with this second board? Or are you hitting this problem immediately at the start of debug?


No, I am unable to flash, just some LEDs will glow but unable to debug on that board.

1. when debug session is initialized :

2. Runtime error will pop up and it will disappear immediately

3. Suspended the session :

4. Resumed the Session :


The flash programming happens before the debug session is initialized.

Could you check the console window and check the other views within the console window to see what else you can see happening?

Potentially what may be happening is flash programming failed so it cannot update the flash and you are debugging in a memory region that is blank. You would reach an exception fast and crash the session.


Any update on this?