CycloneControlSDK - imageName property vs. getImageDescription

By Jim B. : May 2, 2023 at 09:04 PM (21:04 hours)
Staff: Johnny N. : 3 comments


I am wondering whether there is any difference between the string returned by the getImageDescription function and the one returned from getPropertyValue when requesting the imageName property?

I'm seeing that they seem to return the same value, and I'm unsure if this is because of how I created the image or if "name" and "description" are in fact being treated as synonymous.

Calling getPropertyList to retrieve all image properties does not return a description property, so... I think it is the case that they are the same?

Hi Jim,

Yes they are the same and both return a C-style string of the image description. It is my opinion that we probably mis-named the imageName property.


Hi Johnny,

Thank you for confirming.

Now that I'm sure, I'll adjust my code accordingly.