Info on cpu16/32 non LV, revision E

By Tom D. : Apr 27, 2023 at 05:18 PM (17:18 hours)
Staff: Takao Y. : 5 comments

Hello, what software is available for the aforementioned dbm adapter, and what license will I need to buy, working with mc68332 device in the automotive field.


Does this adapter use USB connection to the computer, or does it use parallel port?

We no longer support parallel port for a very long time, since Windows 7 came into existence so probably year 2010. So if you have a parallel port version, unfortunately there has not been any support for over a decade and there is nothing you can do with this hardware. You need to buy a new multilink called USB Multilink Universal FX to support the CPU32 architecture:

and get our PROG-HL-32Z license:

If you have the USB version, you are also out of luck in that the latest software you can buy from our website will not support this legacy hardware. However, you can use the USB device as a trade-in towards a discount of a Multilink Universal FX hardware that can support CPU32 or HC16 devices. The part number you need is "TRADEIN-MLL-MLUFX" and the link to go to is:

Once you get the new hardware, then you can also get the PROG-HL-32Z license.

So you have a few things to get before you can start as it looks like you have not worked on this project for over a decade. But once you have the new set up it should work well for you for another decade or more!


It's the parallel cable, is the original software not available, I have a full legacy computer that's period correct.


Unfortunately we do not have the old software and license available anymore. There is nothing I can give you today that would work with your current system.

At minimum you will need a new hardware, a new software, and make sure your computer is at minimum Windows 7.


Glad I wasted money on this. I'll just make my own.