PROG: MC9S12XEQ which license version?

By Alex B. : Mar 15, 2023 at 03:29 AM (03:29 hours)
Staff: Keith M. : 2 comments


we have a control unit which uses NXP MC9S12XEQ microcontroller.
We do have PE micro USB Multilink debug probe.

As I understand, in order to flash a firmware onto the microcontroller, we require a license for the PROG software.
When looking on the PROG software details website, I see different license options:

Orderable Part Numbers:
PROG-HL-ARM : $199
PROG-HL-12Z : $199
PROG-HL-16Z : $199
PROG-HL-32Z : $199
PROG-HL-CFV1 : $199
PROG-HL-CFZ : $199
PROG-HL-HCS08 : $199
PROG-HL-RS08 : $199
PROG-HL-S12Z : $199

Unfortunately, I do not see S12X in the list.

Can you please let me know which PROG version/license option is suitable to flash MC9S12XEQ microcontrollers?

Thank you and best regards.

Hello Alex,

Thank you for contacting us - yes currently it is not nearly as easy as it should be on our website to determine the appropriate part number for non-ARM devices, which involves searching the algorithm lists... and even then it's not 100% straightforward. My apologies, hopefully we can improve this.

The part number you're looking for to program NXP MC9S12XEQ devices is PROG-HL-12Z.

Your part should appear in this related algorithm listing:

If you don't see it or have any questions, please let me know.