New computer for PKGCFV1_PRO

By AUGEREAU G. : Mar 6, 2023 at 09:06 AM (09:06 hours)
Staff: Nick d. : 15 comments


I bought the 2021/01/28 the PE micro product PKGCFV1_PRO_Starter (installation code : [redacted by admin]) and I set up in my computer.
This computer is out of order and I can’t open and use it.
I have a new computer and I want to set up PKGCFV1_PRO_Starter inside.
Please, tell me the way to do it.


Can you double check that activation code for me again? I entered it in our license search and nothing came up. I believe you have an extra digit in there.

Sorry, installation code : [redacted by admin]

So the issue is that the PKGCFV1 PRO Starter software is a free trial software that is no longer being distributed and has been removed from our free downloads.

At this point you will need to make a purchase for the full software in the link below:

Sorry for the inconvenience

Sorry, I bought the licence the 2021/01/28 (cold V1 Flash Programmer Hardware License with installation Code 1 : [redacted by admin]) for $ 199,00

You gave me the 2021/02/01 Installation Code : [redacted by admin] and Registration Code : [redacted by admin] is : [redacted by admin]


I'm sorry I'm kind of confused with what you need now.

You originally gave me the code for the free trial software, starts with V170, that is now on a PC that is not working.

You have the activation for the purchased software, which starts with the code V270, but its not installing correctly?

YOu should be entering the V270 license on the new software installation not the old free trial software. It will not work on that software.

Do you need the EXE file for the PKGCFV1 software?

Sorry, installation code : [redacted by admin]

Since 02/01/2021 the software has been installed and worked perfectly.
For a month, my computer does not start anymore and I want to reinstall the software on my new computer. I just ask what is the procedure knowing that the program is still in the old computer


Ahh okay so you need to install the software to another computer cause the original one no longer turns on.

I assume you don't have access to the download anymore so I sent you a new file download for PROG-HL-CFV1Version

Install it on the new PC and enter the V270 activation code and you should be all set to go

Two more things:

I removed all the codes on this thread. This is a public forum so other people can see them. Next time please create a support ticket under your account or send an email to

Second, you have two accounts on our website. One using this email and another using Your software is registered under that email and thats why it is not listed under this account.

Hello, thank you for the information.
BY: the 2 emails: and are on the same box. Which of the 2 should I take to return the program?

It doesn't matter which email you choose for using the return program, I just wanted to notify you just in case you bought or registered something on one accounts email and then couldn't find it on the second email.

Regarding your software not working, I noticed that the V270 license did not have a single activation use on it since it was bought in 2021. The transition to hardware licensing required an up to date Multilink Universal Rev C or higher and Multilink Universal FX Rev B or higher.

The reason the software worked on the old PC is because you were still using the Free Starter edition of the software. You weren't using the updated one since purchase. Since we no longer provide the free starter edition of software anymore its going to require you to upgrade your Multilink unit.

We have a trade in program for issues like this

Thanks again for the information. What would you recommend as a new interface with the software I currently have?
Should I still use the old codes: installation = V270 ... and registration = R183 ... with A1F3 ... for access to the software?


For the installation of the software with the old installation code V270 ...: the following message appears:"This licence code is intended to be stored into a Multilink/Cyclone. The connected hardware is too old (from 2014 or earlier) to store the license. Either upgrade your hardware via PEmicro's trade in program or request compatible legacy softwarefrom PEmicro at

Interface used: USB Multilink Interface, Rev C RoHS 1.8V 5.0V, For RS08 - HCS08, HC(S)12(X) - ColdFire V1, PART#USB-ML-12E

For the record, before the old computer crashed, the software was working fine.

I forgot to follow up with you on this.

Were you able to get the license to work with your unit?