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PKGCFZ_PRO_Starter: its "basic / free" license still exists ?
Luigi l. Jul 22, 2021 at 11:29 AM (11:29 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • For several years we have been using the "ICDCFZ.exe" of the "PKGCFZ_PRO_Starter" package with a basic/free license. We now have the message that the license has expired. Does this type of license still exist? I tried to get the free license again and I got an email with te codes but I can't activate the license. The received mail is:

    Da: PEmicro []
    Inviato: giovedì 22 luglio 2021 16:18
    A: Luigi Lena
    Oggetto: Your PEmicro License Activation Code

    Your Product Activation Code for product PKGCFZ_PRO_Starter
    with Installation Code: xxxxxxxxxx
    and Registration Code: xxxxxxxxxx
    is: xxxxxx


  • Greetings,

    The Pro Starter basic/free version has been discontinued due to ongoing changes to our software and hardware to support upcoming new operating systems and switches to hardware licensing, and much more.

    I hope you have been happy using the ICDCFZ software up until now and be willing to purchase a license for ICDCFZ to get the full version of the software.

    We appreciate your continued support for PEmicro products!


  • Thank you very much for your reply. 
    So do we need to purchase the following license? exact ?

    ICD-HL-CFZ - ColdFire In-Circuit Debugger Hardware License - US$399.00

    A question:
    We just have to write a FW in the internal RAM of a "MCF5232CVM150" (ColdFire V2) and activate this FW. At the moment with ICDCFZ we run the "STARTUP.ICD" shown below.
    The file to upload is in .ELF format.
    The probe is a "Multilink Universal FX".

    Can we do this "loading" using another SW, instead of the ICDCFZ, which has a cheaper license ?

    ----- STARTUP.ICD -----

    ; Set RAMBAR control register (addr c05) = 0x20000001
    ; RAMBAR is an absolute CPU register
    ; This register specifies the location of the internal 64k of SRAM on the chip and some flags.
    ; The address of the SRAM is 0x20000000
    control C05 20000021 ; RAMBAR
    mm.w 40000080 FFC0    ; CSAR0
    mm.l 40000084 001F0001 ; CSMR0
    mm.w 4000008A 1980    ; CSCR0
    hload Gilbarco_HW_test.elf
    ; "startup" is a symbol in the *.elf
    goexit startup

  • Greetings,

    Which revision of multilink universal FX do you have? This will determine if you can buy the latest licenses for the software.

    If you are just loading into RAM and executing, then you should be using UNITCFZ software. This is like having a command-line debugging software. This is perfect for running tests and calibration after flash programming and it can be more automated than ICD (UNITCFZ : $299):

    The DIST version of UNITCFZ is if you plan on distributing this outside of your company and given to customers/clients. Otherwise the $299 version is for in-house use only.

    But if you need to debug flash, then you should stick to ICD-HL-CFZ.


  • the probe is "USB-ML-UNIVERSAL-FX" version B.

  • Greetings,

    You have a newer hardware so you will be able to purchase a license from our website with no problem:

    ICD-HL-CFZ ($399):

    Or you can get the UNITCFZ like I mentioned before.


  • At the moment I insert a file called "STARTUP.ICD" in the folder where there is the executable "ICDCFZ.exe". Then I launch the "ICDCFZ.exe" which automatically executes the commands contained in the "STARTUP.ICD" file. Will it be the same with the new version of SW? or will I have to change something ? I.e. if I use the new "ICDCFZ.exe" with the new license "ICD-HL-CFZ" I don't have to change anything in my programming batch? exact ?

    Instead to use "UNITCFZ" I have to modify my batch as this tool uses a different approach (DLLs); exact ?

  • Greetings,

    ICD will not look any different and you don't have to make any changes other than updating the software and getting the new license activated. Everything else is the same.

    UNITCFZ will be a learning curve to read documentation and understand how it works and you probably will end up creating an application to run your script.


  • Thank you very much for the support. I think we will use ICDCFZ.exe with ICD-HL-CFZ license.

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