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Cyclone Pro vs LC/FX .SAP Conversion
Douglas P. Jul 12, 2021 at 02:32 PM (14:32 hours)
Staff: Steve M.

  • Hi:

    Your document "Transitioning from the Cyclone PRO & Cyclone MAX
    to CYCLONE LC & CYCLONE FX Programmers" states that images from "old" software versions "may need to be converted" to work with new LC/FX models. We've definitely got a mix of Cyclone Pros and LC/FX's so possible issues are big news.

    What is the failure mode that indicates a .SAP file needs to be converted to work with Cyclone LC's or FX's? Is there an error message, or does the flashed device just not run (which is what we're seeing)?

    Or to ask the question from a different perspective, is there an Image Creation Utility version breakpoint, before which the output is Cyclone Pro compatible and after which the output is exclusively for LC/FX's?

    Thanks for clarification. I'm trying to solve this without getting on a plane....


    • Hello,

      Thank you for reaching out to us on this.

      When using the newer Cyclone utilities such as the "Cyclone Control GUI" to add images to your Cyclone products, an error message will occur in the utility indicated that the SAP image must be converted first before continuing. The way this is done is by using the command line executable included in the Cyclone Installer sap_convert_console.exe.

      Our suggestion would be to convert any images that may be old and continue using our newest Cyclone Utilities. Once the conversion is made, the new SAP file should be okay to add using the utility and no more changes will be necessary.

      I hope this answers your questions.


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