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Does Cyclone FX support STM32 USB Bootloader
shivashekar D. Jun 3, 2021 at 05:30 AM (05:30 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • HI 
    Does cyclone support USB bootloader programming for stm32 devices?

    we are using ST's internal ROM Bootloader for Programming. Our hardware connected via USB to a PC and we use STM32 Cube programmer for programming.

    Does Cyclone has a USB port to connect to our hardware?


    • Hi Shivashekar,

      The Cyclone FX has its own programming software. I'm trying to understand exactly what you are trying to do. Are you asking if you can use the Cyclone FX within the STM32 Cube software environment to flash your STM32 device? That is not possible.

      Which STM32 device are you trying to program?

      PEmicro Support

      • Hi Johnny

        Thanks for your Reply.

        If you see the attached link STM32 Board can also be programmed using USB without using SWD or JTAG.

        I would like to know will cyclone support USB BFU Bootloader programming?

        This means we don't connect SWD or JTAG to program the device. we use USB to Program the board.

        • I see. Thank you for the video.

          That USB bootloader allows you to program a STM32 device through its USB peripheral. The Cyclone does not support that method of programming. It can only program a STM32 device using the SWD or JTAG debug module. We don't want to rely on another company's bootloader to program their devices.

          PEmicro Support

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