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Command for Multilink Universal
Loris S. May 27, 2021 at 08:23 AM (08:23 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Hi, 
    we have any Multilink Universal and Multilink Universal FX and use it for
    programming SPC56EL60L3.

    The our internal software opening CodeWarrior whenever new board must be
    programmed for upload the .mot file.

    This operations is very slow and isn't aprocable in mass production.

    How can we fastering the process?
    What is the command line for accessing the multilink or wich is the
    driver/software to install? For example to creat batch script or implemented
    these command in our software?

    Thank you.


  • Greetings,

    I agree that using Codewarrior to flash program for mass production is not the
    right way to go.

    For multilinks, we have the PROG PPCNEXUS software that includes command-line
    programming so you can batch script to program quickly and efficiently:

    This is a license per multilink. So if you wish to use both multilinks, then
    you will need 2 licenses. I would recommend at least putting it on the FX so
    you can get faster programming. Maybe you can reserve the non-FX multilink for
    debugging for engineers and FX for production.


    • Thank you very much, 
      i'll try this way.

    • Hi, 
      I saw that there is also
      what are the differences between UNITPPCNEXUS_DIST: $ 699 and
      UNITPPCNEXUS: $ 299?

      Remembering our case of having an internal software that can be installed simultaneously on several PCs, in different places (headquarters or production site), with different multilinks.
      Are there any advantages or disadvantages of using the proposed solution (PROG PPCNEXUS) rather than integrating the .dll into our software?


  • Greetings,

    The difference between _DIST and non_DIST is that the distribution version is an agreement that the user is allowed to distribute this DLL to their customers with their software solution. The non-DIST is in-house use only and cannot be freely distributed outside the company.

    The DLL solution with UNIT PPCNEXUS will not allow you to flash program. It can only load into RAM space and not use our flash programming algorithm routines. Therefore it is not a solution you should pursue.

    If you plan on flash programming, you either can use the PROG PPCNEXUS software with multilinks, or you should research into buying cyclones for production. Cyclones come with software for free and has no licensing. It is much faster to program and allows for automation. It will be faster than batch scripting and command line. Once you switch, you will be wondering why you did not make this change long ago.

    Otherwise you will need to buy PROG licenses for each multilink you want this supported.


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