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how erase to unsecure by progdsc command?
zhao h. May 26, 2021 at 05:25 AM (05:25 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • Hi Sir/Miss
    I need you to help in this question "how erase to unsecure by progdsc command?" I use newest version "8.33" of progdsc programmer software.
    I want to use command to unsecure chip in production automation.


  • Hi Zhao, 

    If you are using a Cyclone Universal or Cyclone FX, there is a checkbox in the "Cyclone Image Creation" that allows you to enable "Automatically unsecure device if it is secured"

    The Cyclone Universal or Cyclone FX allows you to unsecure the chip in production automation.

    Juan See

    • Can we unsecure device by Programming Command with USB Multilink Universal?
      How to unsecure device by Programming Command?

  • Yes, you can also unsecure using USB Multilink Universal. When you first launch PROGDSC and connect to the target, if the devices is detected to be secured, you will be prompted with a dialog stating 'Device is secure. Erase to unsecure?'

    If you are using CPROGDSC, you will need to add the following configuration command in your config file:


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