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Cyclone FX hardware failure
niki a. May 24, 2021 at 05:56 AM (05:56 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hello,
    My Cyclone FX has failed and is now unable to connect with any device for programming. Do you support cyclone FX hardware repair?


    • Hi Nika,

      Yes we offer a repair service for the Cyclone FX. Can you describe what error you're getting? What microcontroller do you program and which Port are you using?

      Please go to My Account -> Update my Contact info and enter your address. We need that to create a RMA number to track any item that is being returned to us for repair.


      • Hello John, 
        Thank you for the quick reply. The error i'm getting is E$0007 and this occurred after 20V were applied by accident on port F. After inspection, R7 (100Ω) and R24 (1kΩ) of the extension board were found open-circuited. The microcontroller that was being programmed was an MC9S08PA4. Our company is evaluating whether it is possible and financially worth the repair, taking into consideration that we are located in Greece.

        • Hi Nika,

          It's about $300 to repair and you are also responsible for all shipping charges. A new Cyclone FX Universal is $1199. It is probably still worth the cost in your case.

          If you want to try to save some cost, we can give you a list of components that you can replace on your own. If you are interested in this option, please go to Support -> Support Requests and then open a ticket for a Product Bug or Problem.


          • Hello Johnny, 
            We have already ordered two new cyclone FX devices, but since the use of these devices is crucial to our every-day work, we would love to repair the existing one as quickly as possible. So, the solution with the list of the replaceable parts is a life-saver. Thanks a lot for your time and help, I'll see to it!

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