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What should I buy to work with Infineon XMC1400, especially for production
Ipek G. May 18, 2021 at 04:50 AM (04:50 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Hi,

    We are using Infineon XMC1400 MCUs in our custom PCBs.
    Now we are proceeding to production with these boards and a fast, easiest as possible method is necessary for initializing and loading procedure.

    // A little bit complaining :)
    With the recommended probe(XMC Link by Infineon) and recommended tools(DAVE and MEMTOOL by Infineon) this is neither fast nor easy. In order to load an application to MCU, you have to deal with this ASC BSL mode and either implement a new protocol to flash the MCU by UART or change a value in memory(BMI) first, then use the probe to flash the MCU by SWD protocol(with DAVE or SEGGER's other tools). Even though you follow all these steps between different tools(which are certainly not convenient for production, for ex. you need to switch between at least 2 different application, plug-in and out more than once, wait for somethings to happen and if failed, try again...) they just doesn't work every time. I don't know why, couldn't get a proper answer from the support :)
    // Complaining over

    I saw that you support this MCU and it is possible to change BMI with your tools and this is perfect. What I want to know is the full set of products (both software and hardware) should I buy/download in order to fulfil my accomplishment? Which is, uploading software( without dealing with BMI stuff) to certain new MCU with the easiest and fastest procedure (preferably with one click). And an accessible support/forum that can actually provide answers(This is very rare)

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post,


  • Greetings,

    I really appreciate your honesty and we are here to listen to your story and your hopes for a better solution. We are absolutely here to help!

    You are correct that we handle all the BMI/ASC BSL changes for you and all you have to do is connect and program with not even a click, but a push of a button that can be done by a 5 year old.

    Our Cyclone LC Universal hardware is your solution. It comes with all the software so nothing extra to buy. The cyclone can load your object file inside and it is a one-way road. No one can extract that data out of the cyclone, even us! It is encrypted and secure. You just have to set it up once on the PC with your cyclone with the object file and settings you want and you are set to go. Disconnect from the computer and place the cyclone on your production line. The cyclone can provide power to your target via SWD so no extra connections necessary. Just connect the 10-pin cable, and push the silver button for START and it is programmed and done!

    So your production line requires no computer, no power for the target board, and a technician who knows when to push the button and when to connect to the next board.

    You can tell our products are useful and a lot of customers agree. This is why we have been continually out of stock for months! But no worries, what you should do is still place an order on our website and we process the orders in first-in-first-out manner. As of this writing, the next shipment will be ready May 30th. Miss this boat and you may be waiting until June 30!

    If you have any other questions or concerns, let us know.
    Our forums, technical-info email, support request tickets, and phone calls are all handled by our amazing technical support team.


    • hello Mr Takao. I am Carlos from Soundigital company in Brazil.

      We got a Cyclone FX to make the same that Mr Ipek related at his post but using a little bit diferent microcontroller XMC1302-0064 . With xmc flasher from infineon i can programm the microcontroller using a segger j-link lite and the hex file generated by DAVE, but firstly to connect debugger i need to set BMI to SWD P0.14 at xmc flasher.

      At cyclone FX i am using the cyclone image creation utility version 8.36 , and using the script wizard i was able to create an image inside cyclone memory(using the same .hex file) but when i try to program target device with created image, i had a error message $00000007 .

      I am using PORT H header , using pins 1(5v),4 (GND) ,7 (SWDIO) , 9 (SWCLK) to connect at ICSP pins of PCB connected directly to MCU.

      Power jumpers is enabled 3/2/1 to power the target device by cyclone power.

      I believe that problem is not to set BMI to microcontroller first program. If i try to add BMI programming to image script , the GUI ask for a HEX number between 0000 and FFFF, but i dont have idea of the value and if it will work this way.

      I need help cause today i can't use cyclone FX in production to programm MCU's before solve this. My e-mail is .

  • Greetings,

    Instead of debugging a standalone image, you should try using the PROGACMP software found within your cyclone software package. You should try connecting to the target and see if you get a similar problem and debug from there. Error $0007 indicates problems communicating to the chip, so it is not even at the point of making changes to BMI.

    What you are missing from port H is the reset connection. Please try to connect this and it will probably resolve your issue.


  • Hello Takao, thanks for your quickly response.

    I made many tests here using progacmp software but i couldn't connect the device any time.

    you mean reset connection of portH, but we are using only 4 pins to programm microcontroller with xmc flasher + j-link segger (5V, GND, SPD0 and CLK).

    maybe i need to connect reset pin from portH to microcontroller to work properly?

  • Greetings,

    That is my suggestion yes, use the reset line. For 5V, is this coming from the chip, or external power? Pin 1 needs to be power that the chip is using, which I thought was 3.3V, not 5V. This is important because VDD is used as our reference voltage. If VDD is 5V but SWDIO and SWDCLK is only at 3.3V, then that will look like a floating signal instead of a high signal.


  • Finally i solve the issue. Thanks mr Takao for the help .

    I was using the mode SPD 0.14 at xmc flasher to set BMI to flash on it.

    I erased the mcu flash, set the BMI to ASC_BSL like a brand new MCU, and after it, the image created at cyclone image creation worked well to programm MCU.

    After this i see that it set a new BMI mode ( SWD SWDIO P0.14 and SWCLK P0.15) for MCU was set by CYclone and using this mode at XMC flasher too, it works better and right.

    I am already making my images directly at cyclone memory and using it. It is a very good tool. I recommend it to Mr Ipek G.

    Thanks and best regards.

  • Hi Takao,

    Thanks for your fast return and elaborated response.
    I am now getting in touch with our purchasing department and passing this issue to them. Meanwhile if we need additional information regarding purchasing and shipping to Turkey stages, I will come back :)

    Thanks Mr Carlos, I am glad to be contributed to another problem's solution.
    ( Ipek is a woman's name by the way :) )

    Best regards,

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