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how to erase the partition setting of the S32K1xx by Cyclone Image Creation tool ?
snaku l. Apr 6, 2021 at 07:06 AM (07:06 hours)
Staff: Mika I.

  • Hi,
    I am try to erase (clear) the partition setting of a S32K144 MCU, my Cyclone Image Creation Utility version is 8.06, and my program sequence as below:

    CM freescale_s32k144f512m15_pflash_dflash_eeprom.arp
    PA 0F0F

    Is that correct?
    I run the sequence but it doesn't change the partition setting.



  • Hi Snaku,

    I apologize for seeing this so late!

    The sequence of commands is correct, and the value after PA depends on how you would like to partition your memory. The value should be a combination of the S32K144's EEPROM data set size value (EEESIZE) and FlexNVM Partition Code value (DEPART), which you can find in the S32K144 manual. If your desired EEESIZE value is 0xF and your desired DEPART value is 0xF, then the command PA 0F0F is correct.

    I took a look at the manual, and it looks like EESIZE=0xF is the default value where no FlexRAM is partitioned for EEPROM use, and DEPART=0xF is the default value where no FlexNVM is partitioned for data flash. So it makes sense that you have seen no change in the partition settings with that value.

    I hope that helps.


    • Hi Mika,

      Thank for your reply.

      I figure out my problem is that the "Cryptographic Service Engine compressed", i.e., CSEc, of my S32K144 is enabled, which means the partition setting can not be erased, only the "CMD_DEBUG_CHAL and CMD_DEBUG_AUTH" mechanism can resetting the flash to the factory state. The mechanism example is state in NXP's document 'AN5401'.


      • Hi Snaku,

        I see. Do you still need my support on anything?

        Best Regards,

        • Hi Mika,
          No, thank you.

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