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Silicon Labs BGM220SC22WGA Erase Failures
Nick M. Mar 31, 2021 at 09:26 AM (09:26 hours)
Staff: Steve M.

  • Anyone using a Cyclone for a Silicon Labs BGM220SC22WGA?

    The Cyclone SAP file is working if the processor is blank but fails with a 2003 error if it tries to erase the device.

    I have tried on a Cyclone for ARM (10.67) and a Cyclone FX Universal (10.67-2.7). FYI, I am running the latest SW as the BGM220SC22WGA was recently added.

    For PE Micro support, I have a ticket open as well (Support Request #30056).


    • This issue has been resolved with a new algorithm that will be a part of the next release. A sector erase can not be performed in bootloader region (0x0-0x6000) as of right now and a mass erase must be preformed.

      Customer is using PRESERVE_RANGE= header command in algorithm to preserve specific range after mass erase.

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