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How to save/download the Disassembly code
Ranjay D. Feb 3, 2021 at 07:09 PM (19:09 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I am currently using the ICD32Z Debugger tool and the Multilink Universal FX. I wanted to know how can I download/save the Disassembly code? I do not have any source code only the hex flashed in the controller.


    • Ranjay,

      Refer to the DASM and LF commands in the ICD32Z User Manual. They should be able to do what you need.

      For example, let's say I want to save the disassembly code between address 0x20000000 to 0x2000000F.

      lf disassembly.txt
      dasm 20000000 2000000F

      5.24 DASM Command - Disassemble Memory

      The DASM command disassembles machine instructions, displaying the addresses and their
      contents as disassembled instructions in the status window. The memory locations between the
      first and second addresses (add) are uploaded to the screen in the form of Bytes, Words, or
      Longwords. The first address must be on an even boundary for Words or Longwords. If the capture
      feature is active, the lines of dumped data are also sent to the capture file. Data is read as Bytes,
      Words, or Longwords from the data space.
      • If the command includes an address value, one disassembled instruction is shown,
      beginning at that address.
      • If the command is entered without any parameter values, the software finds the most
      recently disassembled instruction then shows the next instruction, disassembled.
      • If the command includes startrange and endrange values, the software shows
      disassembled instructions for the range.
      If the DASM command is entered with a range, sometimes the disassembled instructions scroll
      through the status window too rapidly to view. Accordingly, the LF command can be entered, which
      records the disassembled instructions into a logfile, or use the scroll bars in the status window.
      DASM [] [n]
      The starting address for disassembly. must be an instruction
      opcode. If you enter only an value, the system disassembles
      three instructions.
      The ending address for disassembly (optional). If you enter an
      value, disassembly begins at and continues through .
      The screen scrolls upward as addresses and their contents are displayed,
      leaving the last instructions in the range displayed in the window.

      n The optional parameter n determines the number of Bytes, Words, or
      Longwords which are written on one line.
      >DASM 300
      0300 A6E8 LDA #0E8
      0302 B700 STA PORTA
      0304 A6FE LDA #FE
      >DASM 400 408
      0400 5F CLRX
      0401 A680 LDA #80
      0403 B700 STA PORTA
      0405 A6FE LDA #FE
      0407 B704 STA DDRA

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