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Hardware programmer tool for M.CORE - MMC2114
Paiyong S. Jan 25, 2021 at 04:05 AM (04:05 hours)
Staff: Nick d.

  • Hi PEmicro team,

    I'm looking for hardware programmer tool for M.CORE - MMC2114. I know that the device is very by my end customer still using this chip.

    Is there hardware programmer tool recommended? Can USB-ML-UNIVERSAL support on my device? If USB-ML-UNIVERSAL can be support. Will USB-ML-UNIVERSAL come with software tool or I need to buy software tool as well?

    Thank you for your support in advance.

    Best Regards
    Paiyong S.


  • Paiyong,

    We supported the Freescale MMC2114 through our programming dongle Cable_MC but that product has been discontinued. The dongle is parallel port based. The dongle and the software will only work on Windows XP 32 bit. Unfortunately, we have no plans to release a new product that is updated for newer PCs. If you have a PC that is compatible with this tool, I can look check if we have any more and send you a quote. You will need to update your profile with your phone number and address.

    PEmicro Support

    • Hi Johnny

      Thank you very much for quick response.
      I can find the windows xp PC here and I prefer to use your recommended dongle and software for fw programming. I have update by profile and phone no. you can also refer in information following below :

      [removed for privacy]

      Best Regards,
      Paiyong S.

      • I'll ask my colleagues in Sales to check if we have anymore and send you a quote.

        • Hi Johnny

          Can you find dongle for sell to me?

          Best Regards,
          Paiyong S

          • I have 3 Cable MC dongles left. How many are you looking to purchase so I can create the proforma for you

            • Hi

              Please send me the quote for 3 pcs

              Best Regards,
              Paiyong S.

            • Hi Johnny

              I would like to resume what I request on Feb.
              I want to buy 3 cable MC dongles that you have on hand. Can you send me the quotation via my email

              Thank you
              Paiyong S.

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