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Coexistence of "cproghcs08" and "cprogppcnexus" where each has its own probe
Luigi l. Nov 19, 2020 at 06:46 AM (06:46 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • I need your help to solve a question of coexistence on the same PC of the two SW "cproghcs08" and "cprogppcnexus" where each has its own probe (both USB-Multilink type).
    The SW are managed through batch files, i.e. without operator intervention.
    On the PC before there was only the "cproghcs08" and only one probe and everything worked very well for several years.
    Then on the PC the "cprogppcnexus" was installed and a probe added to the existing one.
    The "cproghcs08" has an old license, while the "cprogppcnexus.exe" has a new license linked to the probe.
    Both probes are connected to the PC but one SW must always use a probe and the other SW must always use the other probe.
    The selection of the probes I think is done with the option "Port = USBx" to be inserted when launching the command, right ?
    In our PC it happened that, probably using the "cprogppcnexus.exe", the FW was also updated (from version 6.14 to version 10.46) on the probe that should be used by the "cproghcs08".
    Now when the "cproghcs08" is launched, the error "There is a P&E USB driver licensing issue on your machine" comes out.
    I.e. seems that if you launch "cproghcs08" with a probe with FW 10.46, an error related to the license comes out, instead before when we launched "cproghcs08" with a probe with FW 6.14 everything works fine, is it correct ?
    If the "cproghcs08" tries to downgrade the probe to version 6.14 the operation is unsuccessful and the SW remains blocked.
    How can I put the FW 6.14 back on the probe which is then used by the "cproghcs08" ?

    Above all I would need to know:
    1) what is the safest way to force a SW to always use "its" probe ?
    2) how to make sure that both SW work well, each with its own license ?

    I don't know if I was able to explain well.
    Attach some pictures about the errors that come out
    Thanks a lot. Luigi


  • I have not been able to attach the figures. Is it possible to attach them?

  • Greetings,

    We do not allow attachments in forums to prevent our customers from accidentally downloading any malicious items that people may post.

    1) Using Port = USBx can be problematic because it heavily depends on which multilink was connected to the computer first. If the computer restarts then it is a guessing game. So this is not flexible. Instead, you should use Port = PExxxxxxxx, where this is the unique ID of each multilink. This value can be found if you open PROG software (not CPROG) and look at the port value. Use this instead and it will always use that specific multilink.

    2) Licensing can be difficult if the multilink firmware and software have incompatibility. What happened is your CPROGHCS08 is ancient and relies on very old software and firmware and driver support. Note, that this can become an issue if someday this computer needs to be updated to Windows 10.

    Could you tell me the CPROGHCS08 version, and the multilink revision and type (black FX or green/bue LC). Then we will know what needs to be done to get this setup working.


  • Thank you so much for the super fast and clear response. The version of the CPROGHCS08 is In the window panel control (device manager) for the 2 probes the name "USB Multilink 2.0" is shown; anyway, I will send you more detailed information on probes as soon as possible.

  • The probe used by "cproghcs08" is Blue LC.
    The "proghcs08" shows: port= USB1: Multilink Universal Rec C (PEMB0E9A9).
    The OS of the PC is Windows 7 pro

  • Greetings,

    You will need minimum version 5.74 to work on Windows 10. So note that your current setup will not work on new computers.

    The rest of the hardware setup looks fine.

    So I think what needs to happen is the following.
    Go into your PROGHCS08 folder and find a file that has this file name:

    The file extension is the version number. Keep note of the current version. Then I want you to rename the file so the extension is .9999

    Connect using PROG and it will think this is the new firmware version and update to it. But in reality it is the older firmware version. Once that is done rename your file back to its original name and you should be set.


  • I can't find the file you say but a very similar one called "usbmlfs20bdmens.614". So I think it's this file that needs to be renamed to "usbmlfs20bdmens.9999"; right ? If all goes well then the file should be renamed as before, i.e. "usbmlfs20bdmens.614"; right  ?

  • We have renamed the extension of file "usbmlfs20bdmens" from .614 in .999 (3 nine, not 4) and the window "Updating firmware of P&EInterface ..." with Update Firmware: 9.99 goes out, but in the window there is the error "Error: Check Port, Power, and Connections.". Then window remains open and the update is not done. I.e. it seems that the PROGHCS08 ( is not able to downgrade the FW.

  • Greetings,

    You need the following minimum version to support rev C multilinks:

    15 October 2014

    - Adds support for USB-ML-UNIVERSAL-FX Rev B
    - Adds support for USB-ML-UNIVERSAL Rev C

    Therefore you need either rev A or B multilink universal for software version 1.79. If you do not own these hardware, then the best solution is for you to purchase a new license for PROGHCS08 and work with the latest software and firmware for your hardware. This will also allow you to use Windows 10 machine in the future.


  • With the help of a colleague of mine we did several tests and it seems that now we have managed to downgrade the FW. We found old files with the "PEFirmwareUpdater.exe" and the "usbmlfsufbdmens.0981". We have launched the "PEFirmwareUpdater.exe" and with it we have successfully loaded the "usbmlfsufbdmens.0981" on the probe. Now with this FW the "PROGHCS08" works fine and there is no longer the error on the USB drivers. We are doing further tests to verify that everything is ok.

  • I confirm that after downgrading the probe FW to 09.81 the "cproghcs08" works fine.
    Furthermore, in the programming with "cprogppcnexus", as you suggested, I inserted the option port=PEM88525 so that it always uses this probe,
    without touching the probe used with the "cproghcs08". At the moment I can't try programming with the "cprogppcnexus" because at the moment I don't have a board that we have to program with it.
    However, for now our problem seems to be solved. Thanks for the support.

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