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CYCLONE Universal FX
Sergio V. Nov 18, 2020 at 05:00 PM (17:00 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • I want to programm the MC "S912ZVML32", Does the cyclone universal suports it with this algorithm "freescale_9s12zvml32_1x16x16k_all"?


  • Greetings,

    Yes, that would be the exact algorithm to use.


    • I'm trying to program the MC using the internal power supply of the programmer but I am not successful.

      My parameters are the followings:
      -Target voltage 3V
      -Algorithm freescale_9s12zvml32_1x16x16k_all

      The programmer show the error $00000007

      But when i change the voltage to 5V

      The programmer show the error $0000000A

      • ¿How can i fix that errors?

  • Greetings,

    Error $0007 indicates no communication to target.
    Error $000A indicates error programming.

    So looks like 5V may be your best bet.
    Did you make sure to erase the flash before attempting to program?

    What commands did you try running in which order so I know what you are trying to do?


    • I'm using the next commands:

      CM---Choose Algorithm
      SS---Specify Object Code
      EM---Erase Module
      PM---Program Module
      VM---Verify Module

      Thank you in advance Takao.

      • i Forgot tell you than the file format is .S19 if it helps.


  • Greetings,

    Instead of using standalone programming, please find PROGS12ZZ software within the interactive-programmer directory within your cyclone folder. Use this to pinpoint where the issue is. It is hard to debug the problem with standalone because it is all automated and scripted.


  • S19 files work just fine for S12Z architecture.

  • i done the test with PROGS12ZZ software.

    It detect the processor but when it started to do the speed test fail and show an error message "can´t communicate with the target processor! Target processor may be secure, unpowered, or not properly connected"

    I have one doubt about the debug port pins, i don't know where to correctly connect VDD

    PIN 1---BKGD GND------PIN 2
    PIN 3---NC RESET#---PIN 4
    PIN 5---NC VDD------PIN6

    In the microcontroller i have VDDX1, VDDX2, VDD, VDDF AND VDDA.

    Currently i have connected VDD with VDDX1, because if i connect VDD with VDD the cyclone image creator show me the error $0007


  • Greetings,

    The board design should already handle the power. Please review NXP suggestions based on their eval board design schematics:

    You should be connected to VDD. Just because it does not work does not mean you should plug 5V to another pin. VDDX is supposed to be output pins for I/O.

    If VDD does not work, then something on the VDD line is preventing you from providing power to the chip. Maybe the board has current-limiting resistors.

    I would advise to disconnect the cyclone, power up the board externally, and measure the voltage at VDD on the board. Make sure this is powered correctly. Otherwise you may have bigger problems.


  • I powered up the board with an external power supply and measure the voltaje at VDD, there was 2V

    i tried to program but the error $0007 appears.

  • Greetings,

    Deeply sorry, my mistake. You are correct that VDDX is the correct connection for S12ZVML32. The design I am looking at has both VDDX1 and VDDX2 connected together. All other NXP chips has VDD as the main voltage, so it is bizarre they changed up the naming for S12Z architecture.

    Power up the board externally and measure VDDX1 and VDDX2 and see the voltage reading there.


  • Don't worry i agree with you it's bizarre and confusing.

    i did the measurement and i found 4.89V at VDDX1 and VDDX2

  • Greetings,

    Okay, so you do have proper power.
    Within PROG, load the algorithm and try running an erase. Does it work? Use Show module command and you can see memory is blank with 0xFF values?

    Are you only getting issues when calling the program module command?


  • Takao, good news!, we were able to program the units.

    With an external power supply and the previous wire configuration we did it.

    At the end i did the test in Cyclone Image Creation Utility.

    Thank you for your great support.

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