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Using a Universal FX for multiple targets
Tim F. Nov 10, 2020 at 05:13 PM (17:13 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • My targets are Infineon XMC1000 & XMC4000 series and Freescale/NSP/.. 68376 devices. 
    I read something about new licensing & putting it on the Universal FX.
    We already script CPROG32Z to program our 68376 devices.
    I want to be able to program our XMC1000 & XMC4000 based devices too.
    With the same Universal FX if possible.
    How do I do that?


  • Greetings,

    Yes, it is possible, but not all at the same time just to be clear. You would open each PROG/CPROG software one at a time. Note, that the multilink does require the internal firmware to switch between CPU32 and ARM supports, so there will be a roughly 30 second delay to allow the switching to occur. If you are constantly needing to switch between the two, then probably best to get a separate multilink that only programs ARM.

    The Infineon XMC are ARM devices, so you simply need to purchase the PROGACMP software, which comes with CPROG ACMP.

    I need to know which revision of Multilink FX you are using if you wish to load the license inside the multilink. If you have an older revision, then you will need to stick to software licenses where you are tied to one user per license. If you have a newer multilink then it can be loaded inside the multilink and you are only tied to the hardware and have multiple users and software can be installed anywhere.


  • We have been using Multilinks for years. So, we have Multilink Rev A to perhaps Multilink FX Rev C. I have a FX Rev B the I use.
    We presently script CPROG32Z. All work pretty well.
    I want to add programming XMCs to the mix.
    I have purchased PROGACMP recently, not working yet ... but will work on.

  • Greetings,

    Let me know what is not working yet in PROGACMP so I can help you out.


  • Actually both PROG32Z & PROGACMP not working. Can't fine FX.
    Help please.

  • Update both working now.
    Reboots & re-install software etc

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