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CPROCFZ and PROGCFZ with Multilink Colfire USB upgrade
Sebastien R. Sep 14, 2020 at 01:17 PM (13:17 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Hello,

    We've been using for many years CPROGCFZ with USB-ML-CFE (Rev C) BDM programmer to install our bootloader into our Coldfire card assembly.

    Our setup still run on an old Windows XP machine.

    Now, we need to update the PC to Windows 10/64 bit.

    I have installed the PEDrivers_install.exe on the new computer; but the old CPROGCFZ and PROGCFZ applications does not see the USB BDM. (Windows 10 device manager DO see the BDM USB device)

    So, I have installed the '64K limited version of the PROGCFZ flash programmer' to see if it would work, but the software ask for a registration code.

    What software do we need to buy in order to run CPROGCFZ & PROCFG with our USB-ML-CFE programmer on a Windows 10 computer?

    Thank you very much,
    Sebastien Ruel
    System eng.
    Rheinmetall Canada


  • Greetings,

    Your old software will not work on Windows 10. Please check our release notes for more information:

    You will see that you need at minimum version 5.74 to work on Win 10.

    What you need is a new license for PROGCFZ, however, the one we sell online right now will not work on your USB ML CFE because our hardware license system does not work on old multilinks like yours. You have two options, we can sell you a software license which means you are still tied to one person and can only be used on one computer at a time, or you can trade in your multilink for a discount towards a new multilink that can handle our hardware license.

    Hardware license no longer ties you to one user or one computer. The license is loaded inside the multilink so now the software can be installed on any machine.

    Let me know which path you want to go down and I can let you know the next steps.


  • Hi Takao,

    Thanks for the quick reply,

    What is the price for a single user software license PROCFZ/CPROCFZ to be used with our old USB-MULTILINK-CFE programmer ?

    If we upgrade to the new Multilink BDM, please confirm we would need to buy:
    1- Multilink Debug Probe P/N: USB-ML-UNIVERSAL
    2- PROGCFZ (includes CPROGCFZ and the hardware licence), P/N: PROG-HL-CFZ
    (PS: We would like to keep our old Multilink BDM)

    Does the new USB-ML-UNIVERSAL provides the same BDM connector & pinout (2 rows, 26 contacts total, 0.1'' pitch) ?

    Thank you,

  • Greetings,

    The pricing is the same no matter which type of license you purchase. Go to that website I sent you and click on "Buy Now" tab and look at the pricing and volume discounts.

    Without doing a multilink trade in, then you will need to buy both the ML universal and PROG HL CFZ. You are correct.

    ML Universal comes with same 26-pin connector like it did with ML CFE.
    Which coldfire device are you planning on using? I Just want to make sure you don't need to buy any extra adapters.


    • The Coldfire we use is the MCF5407AI220. We use also the MCF5307CAI66B.


  • Greetings,

    No extra adapters purchase is required.
    Both items you listed can be purchased on our website.


  • Ok Thanks,

    One last question: To keep using our old USB-ML-CFE BDM interface under Windows 10, and buying a single software license for the CPROGCFZ/PROCFZ windows application, what is the P/N we must buy? PROG-HL-CFZ ?
    (It is not clear if this P/N item is only a license or a license + the software app CPROCFZ/PROGCFZ).


  • Greetings,

    No, I need to create a separate license for you that only tech support team can generate. So you will in theory have to buy 2 licenses, one that will work with old hardware, and one that works with new hardware. This is why you are better off just trading in the old hardware. Why invest more money in a system that is legacy.


  • Hi,

    Yes, well I need to keep the old BDM for backup because we have a Test Bench that use also this same BDM. This Test Bench still also runs under Windows XP.

    In the end, yes I think it's better to buy a new BDM.

    I will issue an order to our Purchase Dept for the USB-ML-UNIVERSAL and the PROG-HL-CFZ.

    Tnx for the support.


  • Hi there,

    We have received one on the 2 Multilink Universal programmer, with our licenses (Installation codes).

    When I launch PROGCFZ, there is a popup window asking for the Installation code. I enter the code, and nothing appends.
    The Multilink is connected to my computer and the blue LED is ON.
    What I am doing wrong?


  • Greetings,

    If you type in the install key correctly, you should have the option to automatically activate the software. If you do not see this, then you may have typed in the install key incorrectly. Make sure all the caps lock and hyphens are done correctly.


  • Ok, I think the problem is that I was trying to enter the installation code in the PROGCFZ Programmer Starter Edition.

    Please send me the link so I can download and install PROGCFZ. This is the tool I need to use with the Multilink Universal.


  • Ok, I found in 'My Account' where I could download the PROGCFZ !....

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