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fail to use usb-ml-universal with sja1110
wu h. Aug 26, 2020 at 10:36 PM (22:36 hours)
Staff: Mika I.

  • I'm developing with SJA1110 (NXP)。I have install the S32 Design Studio 3.2 
    and some additional software offered by NXP engineer.I import a demo project
    and it built success.But it is fail to debug with a usb-ml-universal,a message
    box pop "Error:This hardware interface is an older model and does not support
    this device".

    Please kindly hellp me to fix it.


  • The multilink is label "Rev.C" on the shell, and recgonized "UMultilink Universal Rev A on USB1" in s32ds 3.2.
    It works well with s32k144 in s32ds for arm 2018.r1

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately, from the pictures that you sent in your Support Request, you appear to have a counterfeit Multilink. That would explain the error that you're seeing in S32 Design Studio.

    If you would like to purchase a real Multilink to use in S32DS, you can do so from our site:


  • Thanks for quick reply.In our county, it is not convenient to buy a multilink.I will refer to the goods supplier to find what happen.

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