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Freertos support broken
Carlos G. Jun 9, 2020 at 12:50 PM (12:50 hours)
Staff: Edison T.

  • We are using P&E plugin 4.6.5 and Freertos V10.2.1, with both dynamic and static allocation support enabled.

    When we try to debug our app, the console prints:

    Kernel thread information now available.
    uxNumberOfItems - 0
    uxNumberOfItems - 84117

    and then, prints a huge number of lines starting with 'Task name is', obviously iterating through the second list, whose count it did not get right.

    This happened also with previous versions of the plugin, but starting with this one, the parameter 'kernel=none' is no longer honored.

    We are using vanilla Eclipse 2020-03 and our target is a NXP S32K146. We compile with the arm toolchain version 8-2019q3.

    Thank you for your help


    • Hi Carlos,

      We are aware of the bug that is causing "kernal=none" to not work. We have the fix lined up for our next release, but in the mean time, you can try downgrading your PEmicro plugin. If you typically download our plugin from our worksite through Eclipse's builtin installer, there should be a checkbox in the software installation window that says something similar to "Show latest version only". If you uncheck this, you can see all of our previous versions that we are hosting. Please try the version beneath yours for now.

      Gilbert Y.

      • Hi Gilbert,

        Thank you very much for the quick response. I had already downgraded the plugin, but didn't want to be stuck in an old version.

        However, it would be nice to have kernel-aware debug working. Any idea as to why the thread count is not detected properly?.

        Thank you very much.

        • Has this always been an issue for you when debugging the S32K146? If you are able to reproduce it in an example project, we can take a look at it.

          • Hi,

            Yes, this has always been an issue with this setup. How can I send you an example project?

            • You can send us an example project by opening a support request with us. That can be done at this page: Please link this forum post in the description and request to have the support request forwarded to me.

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