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MultLink connect target with a long time
. May 25, 2020 at 09:44 PM (21:44 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • I use multiLink to debug,two weeks ago Multlink can quickly connect target,but now multlink use about three minute to connect target,target are the same,and multlink,IDE(s32ds)and project are the same,and I copy this project to another computer,use s32ds open,connect target quickly,I think there is different place that my computer can't connect Internet. I didn't know how to deal with this issue,and this problem make me spend many time to wait.could you tell me how to deal with it?


  • Hello,

    What revision of the MultiLink are you using? This can be found on the sticker on the back side of the debugger. There is no requirement of connecting to the internet for our MultiLink debugger.

    What target device are you debugging? There are a few settings in your GDB PEmicro Interface debug configuration that may affect how long it takes to connect to your device. If the MultiLink is an FX model and is providing power to your device, please ensure that t he "Power Down Delay" and "Power Up Delay" are not set too long. The default values are 250 ms for "Power Down" and 1000 ms for "Power Up". Additionally, the Debug Shift Frequency should not be too low unless you are experiencing issues with connecting. The default is 5000 KHz.

    Also, please ensure that you are using the latest version of the PEmicro plugin within S32 Design Studio. Our latest plugin is version 4.6.5.

    Please let me know if you are still having any issues after trying my above suggestions.

    Gilbert Y.

    • Hello  

      I use Muiltlink universal Fx,versio is Rev c.IDE is S32DS for ARM 2018,SDK version is 2.9.0,MCU is s32k118,I check the configurtion is same with what you said.

      Because my computer can't connect internet,so I can't update plugin version, but about two weeks ago,the same multlink, IDE and SDK version can connect target quickly,about three days ago I use the tool again,found this issue.

      Today I found a new prompt,when I click debug button, a prompt appear that "Error exists in the active configuration of project XXXX",but I can't find any prompt about these errors.

      • Can you test your MultiLink with a new project, perhaps one of the SDK example projects? If it does not take a long time to connect to your debug session, then it would mean that your original project's application file might be getting very big. 

        The error that you received about "Error exists in the active configuration" is not an issue sent out by the PEmicro plugin. This issue can be caused by invalid or missing file paths in your project.

        • Hello

          Yes,I build a new project in a new computer,and the project configuration is same with the old project,use the multlink to connect the target again,they can connect quickly to target.

          I think the GDB server if need to connect to internet,exchange some data?

          this issue have bother me a week, I take a lot of time to wait every day.

          • I have copy this project to a new computer,and import project into IDE,and it can connect target quickly.

  • I find a new prompt,that is semihosting port connect timeout.

    • the semihosting port is 51794(default value).

    • Regarding your observation with the gdb server: The gdb server does not require an internet connection. The GDB server simply connects the gdb client of the target device to dlls within the PEmicro plug-in.

      When you say that you copied the project to a new computer, are you referring to the original project that was taking a long time to debug, or are you referring to the new project I asked you to generate?

      Regarding the semihosting timeout: To me this sounds like you may have already had a debug session open. If you did not have a debug session already open, you may need to check that there is not a pegdbserverconsole.exe process running in the background before you start the debug session. In old plugins, there was an issue of the gdb server not shutting down properly if the debug session crashed unexpectedly. This would cause the user to be unable to connect to the target device when trying to open a new debug session.

      • Hello

        I copy the original project to a new computer,the original project that was taking a long time to debug in old computer could connect target quickly in new computer.

        Yes,the debug session has open,I see the column progress:progress bar always stay at the stage of initializing debugger service about three minutes.

        I have check the pegdbserverconsole.exe,there is not a pegdbserverconsole.exe process running in the background before I start the debug session.

        Now when clicking the button debug,IDE take a long time to connect target,I think that this issue exist in gdb service,what code will take a long time in gdb service initializaiton stage.

        • Can you tell me what version of the PEmicro plugin you have installed in S32 DS? You can find this by going to "Help" and clicking "Installation Details". A window will pop up and you can search for "PEmicro" at the top. This will filter the installations to only PEmicro software. You should see a plugin named "GNU ARM PEMicro Interface Debugging Support" with the version number next to it.

          • Hello  the version number of a plugin named "GNU ARM PEMicro Interface Debugging Support" is

            • Do you always see the semihosting connection timeout error now? Is the debug session always failing, or are there times that you are able to connect?

              • sometimes I can see the semihosting connection timeout prompt,but when I clcik debug button, the debug session didn't fail,wait about three or two minutes at the stage of lunching debugger initialization ,the the IDE always could connect target success,but after connect target,when I click resume button,the PC register didn't change,wait a monent,the pc pointer didn't change.

                • Would you be able to share your S32 DS project with us? We are unable to share files on the forum, but we are able to through our support request tickets. I would like to try debugging the project on my PC to see if I can replicate the issue.

                  If you are able to, please open a support request with us here: Please share the link to this forum post so that we can easily identify you.

                  • Hello  

                    Due to the company's code protection policy,I couldn't share my project with you.I have copied my project to other computer,and didn't occur this issue,So I think my code project didn't have any question,when I clcik debug button, why IDE stay at the stage of lunching: initializing debugger services about three or two minutes?

                    • If both computers are using the same version of S32 DS and have the same PEmicro plugin version, then I would think there might be something wrong with the S32 DS installation on the computer that gets stuck. If you can reinstall S32 DS 2018, that may help.

                    • Hello,

                      Are there any updates on this issue? Are you still experiencing issues with your MultiLink timing out?

                      • Yes,this issue still exist,and I have reinstalled s32ds,then updated,and import previous project.when internet disconnect,the issue will occur.Due to company internet policy my computer couldn't connect internet,so this issue always bother me.

                        • Previously you said this: "I copy the original project to a new computer,the original project that was taking a long time to debug in old computer could connect target quickly in new computer."

                          Did the other computer have internet access? If you were to connect your computer with the problem to the internet, does the debug session connect quicker?

                          • Yes, the other computer have internet access,and the debug session connect quicker.

                            • Can you try disconnecting the other computer from the internet and then performing a debug session to see if the issue appears?

                              • I have applied to connect internet,and tried in my computer.when my computer connect internet,and click debug button,s32ds will quickly connect target.when disconnect internet,click debug button,and wait about three minutes,s32ds can connect target.

                                Now clearly indicated that internet influence connect speed,my computer couldn't connect internet again,and how to solve this issue?

                                • Can you tell me what the GDB server GDBMI port number and Server port number are? The default are 6224 and 7224. If you don't need SWO and semihosting, can you try disabling SWO streaming and semihosting to see if they are interfering with TCP ports?

                                  • Yes,the default port is 6224 and 7224.when I disable SWD and semihosting,click debug button,error indication as below:
                                    Error in services launch sequence
                                    Timed out trying to launch GDB Server.

                                    • Would you be able to open up a support request with us so that we can exchange files? I would like to have you try adding "-outputdebugfile" to the GDB Server Parameters in your debug configuration. This will generate a ".out" file in the folder of your PEmicro plugin within the S32DS IDE installation. This file may be able to tell us where the issue is occurring. I would like to get a .out file for when you are connected to the internet and a .out file for when you are not connected. Please be aware that the .out file that is generated within the PEmicro plugin folder will be overwritten each time you run a debug session, so please make sure to rename the .out file right after you have run your debug session.

  • Hello,

    Are you still experiencing these issues? As I wrote in my previous message, we likely cannot continue with our support until you open a support request with us.

    -Gilbert Y.

    • I am having the exact same problem! I have S32 DS v2018.R1 running on an HP Omen laptop with Win 10 and a P&EMicro Multilink Universal FX (Rev C). This is connected to an S32K144EVB. So far, I have only been experimenting with code supplied by NXP in their AN5413 Cookbook (S32K144_Project_HelloInterrupts, for example). Initially, when I started using the debugger, the initialization and flash programming would only take a matter of seconds. However, since a couple of days ago this process is now taking around 3.5 minutes with the message "Launching: Initializing debugger services 61%". Any help will be much appreciated.

      • So, after doing some more investigations I have found that my firewall is causing the problem. I am using Avast Premium Security 20.8.2432 (build 20.8.5684.604). If I turn the Avast firewall off then the debugger initializes and starts as normal. With the Avast firewall on there is about a 3.5 minute delay before the debugger initializes and starts running. Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix the problem! I have added "pegdbserver_console.exe" (with the appropriate path) to the exceptions list, but this doesn't have any effect.

    • Hello

      S32DS for Power Architecture, v2.1 , build 190624. PEMicro Multilink Universal over MPC5744P.

      I have the exact same problem. The system stays 4 minutes in "61%" unresponsive mode until it decides to start communicating with the target and reprogramming flash and whatnot.

      The firewall rules are all-in and all-out, both TCP and UDP for pegdbserver_power_console.exe.

  • Hi Gordon, 

    The GDB Server uses port 6224 and 7224. On your Avast firewall, can you please allow communication on these ports?

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