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Multilink FX and STM32F072 - No communication to target processor
Anders R. May 11, 2020 at 02:33 AM (02:33 hours)
Staff: Gilbert Y.

  • I'm trying to connect

    STM32F072CB via Multilink Universal FX, using SWD protocol and PROGACMP.

    Connection to PORT B:
    TMS/SWD_DIO, Pin 7
    TCK/SWD_CLK, Pin 9
    /RESET, Pin 15
    GND, Pin 4

    Target Processor is powered and TGTPWR is ON at Multilink device.

    P&E Interface detected

    Connection Manager shows "Can't communicate with target processor".

    I have tried different settings in connection manager without success.

    2 times it has shown "Device detected", followed by "Communication error"

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

    Based on what you're saying about it intermittently connecting, I wonder if your board has an external watchdog or other reset circuitry that's causing your board to periodically reset. If you have access to an oscilloscope, you can try to monitor your reset (~RESET) pin to see if it's toggling when the Multilink and your board lose connection.

    TRST is the reset line for the JTAG module, so you shouldn't need it, especially if you are using SWD, which I recommend you use.


  • Update.

    By connecting VCC (Pin 1) to 3.3V on target board, the Device is now detected every time I try connection.

    Now it says:

    "Device detected. Failure to enter Debug mode"

    Any ideas?

    • Hello Anders,

      Is an ST evaluation board or a custom board? If it is a ST evaluation board please check that you have removed the two jumpers marked "ST-LINK on the upper portion of the board. Additionally, please check that you have the power jumper set to the appropriate setting; U5V for power over USB and E5V for external 5 volt power applied to the E5V pin.

      I saw that you have recently created a forum post and stated that you have an older version of PROGACMP. Did you purchase a new version of PROGACMP to use with your MultiLink FX?

      -Gilbert Y.

    • Hi Anders,

      Are you still having issues connecting to your STM32F072? Please let me know.

      -Gilbert Y.

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