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One of the two MultiLink Universal does not work correctly
Dhairya M. Feb 20, 2020 at 10:53 AM (10:53 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • Hello,
    I am fairly new to using the Multilink Universal however i am facing a unique challenge here where in one multilink universal link does not work correctly.

    Debugging Freescale MC56F8357 using Code Warrior Version 11.1.

    Not Working Multilink Universal:
    Multilink Universal Rev.D (PEMBC1ED5) DSC Configuration

    The multilink connects/is detected to the computer and the code warrrior too. However, this seems to hold processor in RESET or basically iterates through the entire IVT of the DSC while the other multilink works fine.

    Working Multlilink Universal:
    MultiLink Universal Rev.D (PEM23A967) DSC Configuration

    This was bought an year before the newer one which does not work may be the firmware versions are different. However, we dont wish to update the firmwar as we dont wish to break the working stuff.

    My questions:
    1. How can i verify the firmware version on both the Multilinks?
    2. Any other inputs to solve the problem are always welcome.

    Thank You.


  • Hi Dhairya, 

    Please use the following link to download the multilink universal firmware updater:

    Afterward, you can open the PEFirmwareConfig.exe to update your multilink to firmware 10.27 for DSC.

    Juan See

    • Juan,
      I should been a little more precise but i have already tried updating the firmware on the non-working Mulitlink to 10.27 and i did it again right now but the same issue still persists (Directly jump to the IVT on running in debug mode).

      I was wondering if we have a mechanism to check the firmware version on the old working Multilink Universal? And then downgrade the 10.27 to whatever firmware version that works for other Multilink. As firmware is the only difference that i can predict between the two debuggers.

      Thank You.

  • Anyone any thoughts?

    Thank You.

  • Hi Dhairya, 

    Please create a support request ticket regarding this issue. We have a newer firmware version that may already address the behavior that you are seeing.

    Juan See

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