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Multilink Universal - Keil MDK 5.29 - dll error window report at close
George C. Feb 9, 2020 at 10:34 AM (10:34 hours)
Staff: Gilbert Y.

  • Hi,
    I have updated to Keil MDK 5.29 Lite
    My Mulilink Universal Rev B - with Keil debug config using PE micro auto config
    (NXP MKE02Z40 target device)
    All apears OK - apart from dll error report window when I exit
    Two seperate 'error' screen shots attached.


    • Hi George,

      On our forums, we are unable to attach files. Could you resend your screenshots on a website host?

      Additionally, please see the following FAQ regarding Keil to see if it matches your issue:

      Thank you,
      Gilbert Y.

  • Hi Gilbert Y,
    The FAQ indicates its for solving an issue after uploading code,
    my issue is when I close Keil MDK lite, if I have used the debugger.
    I have not used a website host for sending files.
    Can you send me an email?

    • Please send any emails to technical-info @

  • Error report text:-
    CPROGACMP Pgrgrammer for Freescale
    Access violation at address 11AC57BC. Write of address 11AC57BC


    • Thank you for providing the error text. Does this error always occur at exit? Has this only started happening recently or has it always happened? Does this error occur when used with different debuggers or different target devices?

    • Hi George,

      Are you still going to send the screenshots to our technical-info email account?

  • Hi Gilbert,
    Screen shots emailed to technical-info as requested plus answers to questions.

    • I have received your email and will continue to reply over email.

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