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U-Multilink continuously rebooting
Andrea T. Feb 3, 2020 at 11:51 AM (11:51 hours)
Staff: Gilbert Y.

  • Dear Sirs,
    we have bought a new U-Multilink (rev. D) and installed it on a new computer. It seems to reboot continuously: blue LED is blinking and the device appears and disappears under Windows (10, 64 bit).
    We connected it to another computer (where is working another device - rev C) and it does not work. We also changed the USB cable, nothing.
    I upgraded the drivers and installed the multilink_universal_install.exe
    firmware upgrade to try to upgrade the firmware, but it is impossible.

    We think it is defective.

    Thank you.


    • Hello Andrea,

      Is the yellow LED blinking as well or just the blue one? Are you using any sort of USB hub or are you connecting directly to the USB port of your computer/laptop?

      I checked your previous order history and it looks like there no purchases directly from us recently. If you cannot do a return/replacement with the distributor that you purchased from, we can offer you a discounted price to purchase a new MultiLink. Please see the following link for more details:

      The price for a new MultiLink Universal when trading in an existing MultiLink Universal is $124.

      Gilbert Y.

  • Hello,

    thank you for the reply.

    We tried with rear and frontal USB ports, with different cables, the original one and others that are working with other devices. Always directly to computer ports.

    Yellow LED is always off.

    No, we bought it directly here in Europe from an online seller.

    We will try to send it back. Thank you!

    • It does seem like that MultiLink Universal could be defective. If you are unable to return the MulitLink to your online seller, please feel free to contact us again!

  • Thank you. I let you know if we cannot send it back to online seller.

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