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Not able to debug MIMXRT1020-EVK board with P&E Multilink Universal FX
Jay S. Jan 22, 2020 at 11:04 PM (23:04 hours)
Staff: Gilbert Y.

  • Hi,

    I'm not able to debug MIMXRT1020-EVK board with P&E Multilink Universal FX. Tried with lowest debug frequency but result is same. Getting P&E Connection assistant window.

    In same board Segger J-link works.

    J25,J26,J27,J28 - All jumper is Open.

    I have installed all available updates in MCUXpresso.

    P&E Micro has latest update

    MCUXpresso IDE v11.1.0 [Build 3209] [2019-12-12]

    I bought new debugger and facing issue with MPC5566 so decide to check with other board but it won't work.

    Did i received faulty debugger?


    • Hello Jay,

      Can you confirm for me that you are booting from QSPI? This is SW8 in OFF, OFF, ON, OFF positions with the first position being SW8-1.

      Gilbert Y.

    • Can you also confirm for me that when you connect your device to your MultiLink, you are seeing both the blue and yellow LED illuminated?

      • I checked Blue and Yellow led are ON.

        It seems some other issue from PE Micro debugger, after many tries it start work when I power off the board and again power on then it again stop working but after USB cable reconnect and retried for few times it start works.

        • If you are on Windows 10 and this is your first time using our product, please ensure that you have properly installed our software drivers. Please see the following FAQ regarding driver installation:

        • Hi Jay,

          Are you still having issues with your MultiLink? Please let me know.

          Gilbert Y.

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