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CodeWarrior for MCUs 10.x/11.x failure "Debugger Engine exited prematurely" with MULTILINK
Bob G. Jan 21, 2020 at 10:59 AM (10:59 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Just an FYI (for anyone searching in future) --

    Had an issue with CodeWarrior error message:
    "Error creating session: The CodeWarrior Debugger Engine exited prematurely. Your installation may be corrupt."

    Spent quite a bit of time trying to install updated drivers and/or patches to CW 10.6, but nothing appeared to resolve this. I was able to access the P&E tools without issue (e.g., PROGS12ZZ), but not able to debug within CodeWarrior.

    The solution that resolved the problem was to make sure to run the CW IDE (cwide.exe) as an elevated ("admin") user (i.e., right-click and "Run As Administrator" or equivalent). This option can be automated with checking the: "[x] Run this program as an administrator" option in the [Compatibility] tab of the shortcut properties.

    I found that this "Run As Administrator" is apparently necessary for v10.6, v10.6.4, and even the latest v11.1 version of CodeWarrior for MCUs (Eclipse IDE).

    Upon doing this (and making sure that my USB-ML-UNIVERSAL Rev.D firmware was already up-to-date), I didn't appear to need the "Patch for Eclipse CW10.x" as referenced in
    However, maybe this patch will automatically install latest firmware back, if USB-ML-UNIVERSAL has been reconfigured for another target.

    Instead, I only needed to install the latest P&E USB drivers (v12.7 as of this post), from:
    (on top of the old P&E drivers installed by older CW 10.x installation)

    Finally, per I uninstalled Device Manager :: Jungo :: WinDriver device driver (as this is apparently superseded by the v12.7 installed drivers).

    Hopefully this post helps someone else struggling with a new installation of CodeWarrior for MCUs tool chain and attempting to connect to the debugger.


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