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Kinetis MKE18F512 NVM EEPROM protection
Tobias H. Jan 14, 2020 at 07:15 AM (07:15 hours)
Staff: Gilbert Y.

  • Hello

    I use a Eclipse 2019-03 with the PEMirco Debug Plugin and a Multilink Universal to debug and flash a NXP Kinetis MKE18F521.
    I configure the Flexram to use it as internal EEPROM. All this work correct.
    But at the moment I loos all my EEPROM content with every new debug session.

    How could I avoid the EEPROM memmory to be overwritten.

    I have tested the advanced options and has preserved the memory range 1000 to 13ff. But in that case I get a HardReset failure and the debug don't run

    Many thanks for your help.


    • Hi Tobias,

      In addition to setting the "Preserve this range" setting in the advanced options, you must set up the set up the "Enable Partitioning for the Device" option and enable "Preserve Partitioning for the device".

      Please let me know if this does not resolve the debug issue you were seeing.

      Gilbert Y.

      • Thanks.
        That was right tip
        If I use "Enable Partitioning for the Device" with 3303 (2KB EEPROM) and enable "Preserve Partitioning for the device" it work or now

      • I have also found a topic at the FAQs regarding this topic

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