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Update ICDPPCNEXUS for CW2.10?
Zachary W. May 9, 2019 at 12:24 PM (12:24 hours)
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  • I'm attempting to debug an MCF5566EVB board with ICDPPCNEXUS and a P&E Multilink Universal that came with the board.

    When I try to connect, I get the following message in the Status Window:

    Debugger retrying force to background mode. Can not enter background Mode.

    In the PEMicro Connection manager, I get a message saying "Can't communicate with the target processor! Please check your connections between the cable and the target and make sure the target has power."

    The version of ICDPPCNEXUS is 1.34. It's been mentioned on the NXP forum that there were issues with 1.34 but they could connect with the newer version 6.83.

    How can I update ICDPPCNEXUS to the latest version?


  • I have it figured out.
    I downloaded the Patch for Qorivva (PowerPC Nexus) Codewarrior patch from

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