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[Laptop PC] Renewal
. Apr 29, 2019 at 10:42 AM (10:42 hours)
Staff: Mika I.

  • Dears,
    I will change my Laptop PC on the 20th of may. I have 4 PEMicro driver installed (prog12z V5.74.00.00, PROG32Z V5.74.00.00, PROGCFZ V5.74.00.00 and PROGPPCZ) on my actual laptop.

    How to proceed to reinstall those programs on my new laptop. When I go into my PEMicro account, all my licences are expired).

    If I use the CD to reinstall all programs, will it work or do I need to do something else?


  • Hi Fran├žois,

    If you still have the installation CD, you will be able to reinstall those programs as long as you have activations left on your licenses. If you'd like us to check or if you require extra activations, please email and provide us the installation codes for those licenses.

    The expiration periods on the licenses mean that you can only upgrade your software to a version that was released before that date. It does not prevent you from installing.

    Best Regards,

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