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Converting compiled code to .08p file
Grant M. Apr 29, 2019 at 09:55 AM (09:55 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hello,

    First post so I'm sorry if I'm in the wrong category.

    I'm trying to convert code compiled from cosmic compiler, which produces a *.h08 file, into the *.08p file necessary to upload the micro. The micro in question is a MC68HC908AS60 from Motorola. Does anyone know what software/conversion method is necessary to do this?



    • Grant,

      Our tools don't use a *.hc08 file. Your compiler generates a .srec, .s19, or any other extension with motorola srecord data. You take one of these files and use our PROG08SZ software to program the MC68HC908AS60. You don't need any conversion unless your compiler doesn't support the srecord format which is definitely not the case with Cosmic.


      • Hi Johnny,

        Thank you for the clarification. Cosmic does generate a .s19 file and I will attempt to use that. Just for clarification what are the .08p and .s19 file formats?


        • The .S19 file is the binary file - it contains the code that you want to program and is generated by your compiler/linker.

          The .08p files are our algorithms. It identifies to our software what microcontroller you are programming and contains the assembly routines for erasing and programming.

          • Thank you, Johnny!

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