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questions about my order
yc k. May 15, 2018 at 05:13 AM (05:13 hours)
Staff: Nick d.

  • greedings

    I have ordered yout s/w few hours ago, it was stopped the last step.
    It says that " Awaiting to process an existing credit card to ship ",
    though I filled all information correctly.
    How is my order going now?

    And before I tried to pay, i got a message " Orders Requiring a new Credit card".
    What does it mean? is there any problem about my credit card?

    In case, my order number is '88974'

    I'm looking forward your answer.

    Thank you


    • Hello

      The problem was that all orders have to be manually charged on our end as the very last step. Our sales person got in around 40-45 minutes ago and just started processing any orders placed overnight.

  • Hello I have an Order number 88627, I called twice but I couldĀ“t hear really good on both cases, I just need to know what is needed in order to process it. 

    Just need to know the status.

    Can you please help me?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Good afternoon

      Our sales rep is actually working on this order now. It looks like there was an issue with payment since the PO requested EFT payment after 30 days but we only do NET30 for domestic accounts. First time international orders we request payment upfront.

      Let me speak to her now and see if everything is all set.

  • Thank you for your support, please provide any feedback.


    • We have a proforma on the system under your account under number 89196. We'll just need you to confirm the order and the payment method.

  • Hello,

    I need to finish my purchase number 89984, could you send me a link to can make the payment by paypal? or what is the steps I have to follow in order to make the payment by paypal? could you support me? I need the licenses urgently,

    • I sent the link of your order to your email. You just need to send your paypal payment to our email ""

      Once we have gotten confirmation of the payment with paypal we will process your order

    • Payment has been confirmed and the order has been sent.

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